PC Oil Change

PC Oil Change: The PC Oil change is the core of my pc repair services at Hayes Computer Solutions. More than a basic system tune-up, My own 21 point inspection and cleanup takes a proactive approach to analyzing, cleaning up and maintaining your system; so that it operates at peak performance. Sure I clean up the usual assortment of bugs, spyware, temp files, etc., but I also inspect environmental variables which may affect your systems’ overall performance. These include, but are not limited to: Processor speed, RAM memory, HD size and allocation, Operating System, software versions, user habits and more. More importantly I analyze the compatibility of all of the above items and make recommendations to improve performance. Go to Maintenance Packages to see how I can make the PC Oil Change work for you. Don’t wait till your system has crashed and you’ve lost ALL your data, the PC Oil Change protects you in the long run, by keeping your system maintained and at peak performance.